Nouveau Taste

Our Products

The reputation of our food quality in the hospitality industry is impeccable. Our products are well-regarded in the culinary world of Toronto and beyond.


Our product lists do not follow fads; temporary fashion or cliché. Instead, they will go along with the true trends of current culinary and dietary preferences.

Nouveau Taste Inc. currently supplies a wide range of hot and cold appetizers to its clients; from Japanese Sushi, Scandinavian Grav Lax, Malaysian Satay, Greek Spanakopita to Oyster Rockefeller...

We even have our own professional Chinese Dim Sum chefs in-house to create a wide variety of delectable Cantonese appetizers, because so many of our clients demand this convenient, comfort food for their receptions.

We are also one of the top suppliers of all varieties of canapés in Ontario.

Two of our best selling food categories are Canapés and Sushi

The quality of our sushi is top-notch. It can be compared to the best in Toronto. Many of our ingredients are flown in directly from Japan. And the rigor and strictness of our quality-control is second to none.

New Products

We received many requests concerning high-grade, versatile puff pastry and pie crust pastry in the past few months. We are happy to say that we are now supplying these products as well.

Often imitated but never duplicated

Our products are often copied and imitated by our competitors and many chefs. Some of them will request our product lists and some will even purchase our appetizers so they can try to reverse-engineer them.
However, their attempts always fail.
To duplicate a fine food creation is not the same as making a photo-copy. There is subtlety, nuances, experience and creativity that is not so easy to reproduce.

“Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”, as the old saying goes.
We are flattered.

Our Facilities separate the preparation of raw meat and poultry from ready-to-eat foods

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), raw food, especially meat and poultry and their fluids may contain dangerous micro organisms that can be transferred onto other foods during food preparation and storage.

Nouveau Taste Inc. prevents the transfer of micro organisms by keeping raw meat and ready-to eat foods separate. The working and storage area is also set apart in different locations of the plant.
We are one of the few establishment in Canada who implemented this policy.