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About Us

Nouveau Taste Inc. has been supplying high quality “ready-to-cook” and "ready-to-serve" food products to our clients in the F&B industry since 1989.
Our current clients include most major hotels and some fine dining establishments in Toronto.

We are also the supplier of a high percentile of important, high-visibility events in the city in the past two decades.
Yet we like to be low-key and stay in the background.

We are the inconspicuous contributor of many, many successful functions, shows and parties.
We just want our clients to be totally satisfied.
This is our main objective, our principal goal.

This is also one of the reasons why we never set up a budget for marketing and advertising for 20 years.
Anonymity is one of our company mottos.

The purpose of this website is to provide some facts concerning our company, and allow some potential clients to contact us if they feel that we can be a part of their overall purchasing strategy.

The founder of Nouveau Taste Inc. has been working in the food & beverage industry for over 30 years.
Before he embarked on the venture of starting Nouveau Taste Inc., he spent about 10 years working closely under the legendary Chef Albert Schnell* - Corporate Executive Chef for Hilton International Hotels in Canada from 1967-2000. Now retired. Chef Schnell is the mentor of the founder of Nouveau Taste, and his culinary influence is immeasurable to this company’s way of conducting business.
Chef Schnell is a hands-on corporate chef who is very patient with his staff.
He is a total perfectionist who expects nothing less from his brigade of chefs.
The chefs who were lucky enough to be under his tutorship are now working all over the world – from Dubai, Hong Kong, New York …to Washington DC. Many, many of them are now Food & Beverage directors, executive chefs in prestigious 5 stars hotels.

*Chef Albert Schnell has prepared banquets for three generations of the British Royal Family, as well as an array of international royalty. Before he retired, Chef Schnell was one of the judges for Paul Bocuse's international culinary competition; the now famous Bocuse d'Or in Lyon, France. Also known as the most prestigious Olympics of Food.
As executive chef for Hilton flagships in Canada, Chef Schnell has been a visionary, a culinary artist and a mentor to some of the finest chefs around the world.